Car Wash

Forms of Car Wash: Their Pros and Cons

We’ve all experienced this. You are too busy to notice your car getting covered in mud, dirt, and salt. Your car needs washing. But how do you decide which car wash best suits it? There are different forms of car washing, each with its pros and cons. Let’s look at the most common types of car washes plus what to expect from each.

Automatic (or Tunnel) Car Wash

This is the most common type. It employs the use of high power blowers, hoses, and brushes. You just need to drive your car onto one end of a conveyor system where the automatic washing starts. Brushes clean the car and then blowers do a nice clean finish as the car is conveyed along the tunnel in stages.
Pros: Incredibly simple and quick and this is great if you are in a hurry.
Cons: No human involvement means it may not always leave your car sparkling clean. High power brushes and blowers may damage the car’s paint job.

Touchless (or Brushless) Car Wash

This type of car wash does a similar operation to the automatic car wash, only that no brushes are involved. High power water jets are used instead. Cleaning chemicals are also used. Your car is also guided through a conveyor system, similar to the automatic car wash.
Pros: No damage to your car’s paint or other delicate parts like antennas.
Cons: It may not always leave your car spotless.

Self Service Car Wash

This is an older form of car washing, where you pack your car and use a high-pressure hose to clean the outer surface of the car. You can first use the hose to wipe out any dirt or grime, then soap up all of it, and then use the hose to rinse it off.
Pros: Great if you want to meticulously clean your car by hand. Also suitable if you live in an apartment that does not have a driveway.
Cons: Can be quite tasking considering you have to do all the work yourself, you also need to have some skills in car cleaning, else you won’t get the best results.

Auto Detail Car Wash

This involves taking your car to a car wash shop, where a professional washer cleans the car by hand. The washer normally offers to clean both the interior and exterior of the car.
Pros: Your car gets meticulous attention to every detail hence it left super clean in the end.
Cons: Can be a costly option, so make sure you get reviews before taking your car to that shop.

Your choice of what form of car wash to use at any time depends on how you balance the pros and cons to realize the best value for your time and money. Good Luck.