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mCarFix Mechanic App

MCarFix Mechanic's/Garage App

MCarFix Mechanic's/Garage  App is an integrated software platform designed to address challenges faced by motor vehicle dealers and players within the motor vehicle sector by revolutionizing car repairs and maintenance around the world and enhancing efficiency, transparency and accountability within the sector.
From left: Mr. Peter Murima - C.E.O Motorist Association of Kenya, Mr. Paniel Mwaura - C.E.O SkyTOP Technologies, Mr. Simon Kimutai - Chairman Matatu Owners Association, Mr. Stephen Gaiti - Programs Officer KEMRA and Mr. Harrison Ikunda - C.E.O KEMRA during the launch of mCarFix at KICC on May 23, 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya.

MCarFix is the cutting-edge technology solution that not only lets mechanics easily diagnose and identify their customers’ car problems- regardless of the make or model of the car- but also helps them come up with the best and less expensive solutions. The software also guides mechanics and car technicians on how to fix car problems and links them up with the relevant parts suppliers near them- thereby ensuring car problems are quickly fixed for the convenience of their customers. This guarantees them a long line of loyal customers who come to see them on a regular basis.  

Cars are becoming more sophisticated by the day and it is becoming challenging for even the most experienced mechanic to cope with the ever-changing customer demands. As a mechanic, you have no time to upgrade your skills on an ongoing basis or peruse through the voluminous and usually complex training manuals that car manufacturers supply. In some cases, the fear of a lawsuit from an unsatisfied customer may see you avoid certain car makes and models.

On the other hand, car owners naturally care about their cars and want to make sure they're in good working condition. But it's hard not to feel doubtful when they bring their cars for a routine check and the mechanic recommends repairs and add-ons that run up to hundreds of dollars. Good mechanics are a motorist’s best friend but great mechanics are part of the motorist’s family.

In addition, through MCarFix, motor vehicle dealers and spare parts dealers, and stockiest are also able to seamlessly link up with their customers to process orders in real-time from their phones, tablets, or computers. And whenever a car is serviced or a part is fixed, MCarFix lets the part dealer or mechanic monitor and follow up on the car’s next service program and part-replacement schedule right from the mobile phone thereby guaranteeing return business.

Launched in Kenya on 23rd May 2019 at KICC Nairobi during an event captured live on NTV, MCarFix also boasts of additional functionalities that enable all the registered motor vehicle users to access and link up with genuine auto parts dealers, authorized motor vehicle repairers, and insurance companies, brokers and agents. It currently has over 400,000 registered users and we expect to reach over 10 million users by the end of this year when we roll it out globally.

As a mechanic or part dealer, you cannot afford to miss out on such opportunities while the competition is being sought by prospective customers and clients.  Just download mCarFix from Play Store and sign up so you can connect with thousands of motorists in the MCarFix app who are in need of your services and products. Once signed in MCarFix, you enjoy increased visibility from the motorists using the App which results in an improved revenue base.

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Large Market

Get accessed by a huge market of motorists and car owners - hence increased revenue.
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Unlimited Visibility

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More Customers

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Earn super garage status based on quality ratings by motorists and car owners.

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It is linked with MCarFix Global App that is used by Motorists and Car Owners around the world to connect with service providers whenever they are in need. The App provides a unique platform for seamless business engagements between sector players and their target audience while locking out counterfeits from the supply chain.