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Your Number Plate Is Your Car Solution

You no longer need to worry about your car problems even when you have important appointments. Just enter your car’s registration (or VIN) in mCarFix and the App instantly identifies nearby mechanics qualified to repair your car and even links you up with them. And when you need spare parts for your car, just key in the spare part that you need and mCarFix app uses your car registration number to identify the nearest stockists of the spare part and at your preferred prices.

And the best part of it;  you don't need to know the spare part name. The App helps you identify the spare part that you need and shares critical details about your car with your preferred stockist thus ensuring you get the right spare part. At the click of a button, mCarFix also updates you on the service status of your car and manages the booking process while keeping you updated on the servicing process once you take your car for servicing.

You can even sell your car by posting it on the mCarFix 'Market-Place' and the App keeps you updated on the performance of your advert out there. In case of car theft or accident, and at the click of a button, the App alerts your preferred insurance provider and fellow motorists in the App thereby making it easier to recover the car or get the much-needed help.

And there are also links to logbook financiers, towing and rescue companies, references for traffic rules and penalties and forums for motor vehicle enthusiasts where they can engage. mCarFix is one App doing everything about your car for you.


MCarFix App for Learning Institutions

Enhanced safety for your learners and transparency in vehicle repairs and maintenance services.

Maintaining Your Institution's Vehicles Through the mCarFix Platform

Motor vehicle maintenance in educational institutions has been a major concern for every school manager around the world. This is because of the strict safety requirements and standards that our education authorities have put in place for the safety of both students and workers. These include mandatory vehicle maintenance programs and the keeping of proper repair records and costs.

Besides compromising on the safety of the students and workers alike, poor vehicle maintenance can greatly affect an institution's overall budget allocations especially if the service providers are untrustworthy and unreliable. Luckily, our latest innovation- mCarFix- is designed to address these and other challenges that education institution face.

The mobile App-which links motorists with mechanics, spare parts dealers, motor vehicle servicing centers, and insurance providers among others - ensure players within the motor vehicle industry seamlessly connect with one another to speedily resolve motor vehicle problems.

While the App seeks to address most of the challenges faced by motor vehicle owners and other stakeholders in the wider motor vehicle sector, education institutions are particularly the major beneficiaries of the mCarFix technology in that:

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It is linked with mCarFix Global App that is used by Motorists and Car Owners around the world to connect with service providers whenever they are in need. The App provides a unique platform for seamless business engagements between sector players and their target audience while locking out counterfeits from the supply chain.

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mCarFix is one App doing everything about your car for you.

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